K&K Farms Labradors

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K&K Farms or KnK Farms

Our Labs have always carried the K&K Farms prefix in their names. But when we became active in showing, and applied to register our kennel name, we were informed that K&K Farms was unavailable. The nearest available name was KnK Farms, so this became our registered name.

As we have registered our Labs with the K&K Farms prefix for so many years, and already had their offspring showing under that name, we will continue the use of the K&K Farms prefix in the naming of our Labs. We choose to retain this prefix because the K&K Farms name has been a part of our family for generations. So, for visitors to our site, we wanted to clarify that the use of either name in regards to our kennel is correct.

We are members in good standing with:

National Labrador Retriever Club

American Kennel Club

United Kennel Club



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